Is Biden The Worst President of All Time?

Of all the things to claim “that’s never happened” that might be one of the most retarded assumptions ever.

You usually save that quip for things that aren’t believable.

Yep, never happened.

The “mean tweets,” is a dead give away. It’s a right-wing talking point. You’re never going to find a liberal who did not vote for Trump or who doesn’t like Trump because of “mean tweets.” Ask a liberal to list the things that they don’t like about Trump, “mean tweets” would not be one of them.

Hello liberal, please list them.

This is happening en masse…… it happened to me today. It is surprising that liberals can see the light but not every lib is a brainwashed leftist. The more pragmatic folks that tend to prefer some of the values of the old Democratic party are realizing they need to distance themselves from leftists…. This is even happening in blue states.

Too numerous to list. It would be like a job. I don’t work for you.

You would already know them, if you got your news from normal and reputable news sources and not the confirmation bias disinformation sources that you probably get your news from.

Holy fook at you actually being that retarded to think she did this graciously or even on her own accord. The bitch literally could not even get off her ass to go out and respond to her supporters. Some who had been there waiting for hours. Some over night. She sent out her pizza delivery boy to address her supporters. Talk about a piece of shit.

It did happen. Libs love their ways until it hurts them. She drives 80 miles a day, her cost for gas is skyrocketing. Her vacation was ruined because her flights were cancelled due to insufficient pilots that caused her to miss her cruise and her property taxes in NY just went up 10% after she did some renovations to her house.

She is working a lot more hours just to maintain the quality of life she had before Biden took office.

The agility of your side step is impressive.

List me a few of those reputable sites please.

i know that his main source is

I come back to this thread maybe once a month to see of @Believeit is STILL defending this senile, corrupt old pedo.

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Correct me if I’m wrong, he got the money to build the wall no?

I’ll start by saying I’m no fan of Biden, even a little bit at this point.

As far as Trump, well he was his own worst enemy, and frankly a terrible leader. His tactics were divisive, all under the guise of America first. We can and should hold out media accountable, they did us no favors certainly. Many Trump supporters are incapable of holding the man responsible for anything, while his haters blame him for everything. He could’ve shut his mouth, stopped trying to piss people off and done his job. He chose not to, he put himself first.

I’ll reiterate. #fuckbiden as well. We should consider getting them all out and starting over. There all working against our best interest, and in favors of there’s and the elite.

As opposed to claiming that the election was stolen, that you actually won by a landslide, and sending your supporters to violently storm the capitol for a an insurrection, a coup to overthrow the government so you can stay in power. While encouraging them to hang vice President Pence, Kill Nancy Pelosi and rape AOC. A violent attack that was responsible for the deaths of many capitol police officers and one crazy psychopathic MAGA White woman…

Yea, Hilary is the one who was not gracious and the one who handled her loss like a piece of sh!t.

If only it was his supporters and not Antifa who stormed the capital and killed those people . as written , none of this is true

You speak as if that runt has a life outside of here.

This is pathetic. 1254 posts in this thread alone. Sad.

Your imaginary friend sounds like a real dummy, blaming whoever is in the White House for everything she doesn’t like in her life. What does Biden have to do with the number of pilots, or with state property taxes, or the fact that property taxes are based on the value of the property and if that value goes up due to renovations, so do the taxes? There’s a whole other thread about everything Biden has done to cause the raise in gas price (nothing).

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“Antifa, go home, we love you, you’re very special.” - Donald J. Trump

The OG is not the place to provide proof of factual information. It’s a place that only accepts confirmation bias disinformation. No amount of factual information will ever be accepted.

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posts tweet by Christian writer for National Review saying Biden is bad as evidence of Biden being bad

Trump was speaking to his supporters who were protesting , not to Antifa members who were ,as usual, rioting. but of course as copy paste alludes to every liberal rag and “news site” in the country claimed different so in liberals minds it became true .