Is Biden The Worst President of All Time?

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I’ll actually agree with this guy.

I’ve never heard a liberal admit he was wrong.

So I wouldn’t expect a biden voter to start now.

Maybe in another month, when gas is at $6, but not yet.

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There is truth to that…what I find ironic is Libs will often say Trump was a liar so they cant vote for Trump…yet they can vote for Biden who is a notorious liar himself.

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Only idiots like yourself actually believe it was a coup. For the rest of us it was idiots who went too far much like your beloved anti-fags and BLM morons. Except your idiots did a whole shit ton more damage to EVERYTHING most Americans hold near and dear to them. Businesses destroyed. Private property destroyed. Public property destroyed. Municipalities destroyed. Lives ruined, destroyed and in some cases killed. All while the people who were supposed to be upholding the law were told to stand by. Told to stand down by elected govt officials who rather then put a stop to this in the name of safety for everyone. They let it happen just so they could get reelected.

You really want to get go tit for tat in that regard you fucking peon?

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The OG is not the place to provide proof of factual information. It’s a place that only accepts confirmation bias disinformation. No amount of factual information will ever be accepted.

Apparently 60 percent of Americans are idiots.

There was nothing organic about it. They were well financed, well organized, were working with Republican members of congress, were working with current and past members of the Trump’s administration and members of right-wing media. They even did reconnaissance.

which is how you get your disinformation spread my friend !

Cant disagree there…hell they voted for BIden.


Excellent. About time. This should have been done a long time ago.

The problem is, if you get a crazy Republican President, he will probably shut it down, like how Trump shut down the pandemic response team in China that Obama created. The consequence of Trump shutting it down, was Covid-19 being unleashed to the whole world. The world is still suffering the consequence of this one Trump action.

More than 1 million voters switch to GOP in warning for Dems (

You mean the Antifa fags dressed like Trump supporters- my hid your such a nerd

He’s basically a republican. Wow… Did you ever stop to think that you went so far left he only appears that way? Of course not. You’re ego and immaturity wouldn’t allow you to examine it any other way than how your described.


If you’re going to make up stories can you at least put a goblin in your next story?


technically true but not true
disingenuous but accurate
I dont like semantics but i use them in posts

LOL you fagoon