Is Biden The Worst President of All Time?

Lefties turning on Biden each week


Explain how on earth that could be true

I don’t think any normal American has any clue what you MAGA extremist are ever talking about. You guys have been damaged by your crazy MAGA extremist leader.

You are a victim my friend. It’s not your fault. The victim is the last to know.


Orange guy + Russia

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Joe Biden’s lies are legendary. He’s still the same dishonest plagiarist he was 33 years ago. - YouTube

Blacks are almost free of the DNC plantation.
Biden’s handlers really ruined the slave setup that the DNC had going for decades.

This is great news. Not all things about stolen elections are bad…… the waking up of people is backfiring and causing problems to the Davos/DNC agenda


Here is the downside of stolen elections though…

The US military about to get their asses handed to them in a kinetic war with China/Russia and possibly others. In the Art of War, you attack the enemy when they are weak.

The dems will care less and less about the black vote in coming years. Importing over 2 million people per year who are not part of the black caucus will make the black vote fairly miniscule in future years. It will still be important, but not important enough to bend their evil plans for except in states like Georgia.

So let’s all be happy when the dumb fuck democrats call the newly important people tacos.

Wrong thread.


Jake Sheilds becoming enemy of phony Biden Admin



Biden keeps winning and America keeps winning.

Lowest unemployment rate in half a Century

“The radical left is trying to destroy America!”

How long are conservatives going to keep buying that bullshit? And how long are they going to refuse to hold the GOP accountable for giving a big middle finger to the people that voted for them?

Oh wait, I know. “The Republican party shares my values.”
Yes, and that’s apparently why you poor conservative souls clearly don’t care that yet again the GOP chose big donors and corporate profits over you.

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“Democrats passed a law that will lower the cost of energy, health care, and prescription drugs.”

And Donald Trump passed a bill to make epi pens cheap so diabetes patients didn’t have to choose between medicine and food. Joe Biden reversed that on day one.


Borden Dairy Co. will immediately close its Alabama plant because “it could no longer support continued production,” according to a report.

Employees are being laid off. “Borden Dairy will close its Dothan, AL and Hattiesburg, MS milk production facilities by no later than September 30, 2022, and will no longer produce in these states,” according to the company’s statement.

IAF: the article neglects to mention that this flows from Blackrock imposing ESG scores that are killing dairy industry.


Lol none of this is true

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