Is Biden The Worst President of All Time?

No. It’s pure amusement given that Biden got on TV two times and declared victory.

Once again:


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He bolstered about striking a deal…now he’s saying he never met with either side.
Biden is an all out liar.



“All”? Interesting claim given one party wants everyone in this country to have complete, paid-for health care from birth to death, while the other party fights desperately to prevent this.

Paid for by taking money from one group of citizens and giving it to another.
How generous you are with other’s earnings.
You’re like a child that takes money from Mommy’s purse and thinks they are being generous when you give it to someone else.

CopyPedoHomo doesn’t grasp basic economics.

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Money meant for groceries or bills, or any other things that are meant to support the household.

Do you get tired of being wrong all the time?


With his many legislative accomplishment, President Biden may be the best President in the last 65 years.

Experience matters.

Even you do NOT Believeit.



President Biden just gets things done.

I wholeheartedly do.

Members of this forum usually when they think something or someone is the worst, that something or someone is invariably one of the best.

Many members of this forum were saying that President Obama was the worst President in history, but according to historians and sane minded people, President Obama was one of the best President in history.

No you don’t.

Yes I wholeheartedly do. Let’s just agree to disagree.

He can’t even raise normal children.

He has been a fuck up his whole 40+ year career.

I feel like I"m taking crazy pills.

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Zelensky just announced that he is banning the Orthodox Church.

He’s now banned news stations, political parties, jailed opposition leaders, and now religious organizations :eyes:

Biden supports a literal dictator.

He knows how to run the greatest country in the world. That’s all I care about. He was more than prepared and ready to be President.

Experience matters.

After losing his wife and daughter in a tragic car accident, his two sons Beau and Hunter while surviving the accident, both witness the death of their mother and and sister, yet Beau and Hunter both became attorneys. Beau went on to become attorney general.

I find that impressive.

Oh, I think we are all aware of the caliber of attorney Hunter has become.