Is Big John The Worst Ref Of All Time?

^ correct

LOL... U Sir suck balls!!! BJM speaks loud to make sure he is heard and to warn with authority, would it be better for you if he softly wisperd into Bretts ear " Please try not to touch the fence Oh please"

Refs have fighters lives in their hands and its better to be WAY long than a bit short...


I don't think Brett appreciated Big John holding him down after the stoppage to make the stoppage look worst than it is.

I would say Lindland v Bustamente and Sakuraba v Conan I would bear this out. (fights that you didn't mention) As far as telling Rogers not to hold the fence; that's his job. Telling fighters to advance their position is his job. Check out Sok v Nortje for why you might want to forcibly stop a fight.

Kirik -  Big John is the best.


Larry Landless

He sure is a ham, that's for sure. I remember when he tackled Brian Johnston and busted Brian's nose in the process. Big John almost got his ass kicked right afterwards.

 big john messed up the sakuraba conan fight

but mostly he's on

solidsnake - Worst ref in the world and in history was from UFC 1, first fight, where Gerahrd knocked that sumo's tooth out with a kick and both fighters just looked at the ref like, WTF?!?! What are the rules of this damn thing?!?!!?

as was mentioned, refs were not allowed to stop a fight. only submission, ko or corner throwing in the towel I believe.

there was no such thing as a tko

OP is spot on. The sakuraba/kimo fight was one of the biggest fuck ups.

also he does try to be very controlling in the ring.

glad he's out of hte UFC. guy should just stop reffing period.

He's an excellent ref. Sure he's made some mistakes over the years, but he certainly doesn't make a habit of them like Dan Mirgaliotta for example.

he is the best.

IrishRottie - VTFD


 Big John is a great ref, sure he's done mistakes. But give the current UFC refs as much experience as him, and I am sure they would have done alot more fuck ups than he has done.


D0N Johnson - Aside from some of the worst stoppages of all time(fill in the blank here)...

This guy tries to outshine the actual fighters. Nobody is paying to watch you BIG JOHN! Acting all tough, "LET'S GIT IT ON!!!!!!!!" Remember in the old days when he'd actually football tackle the fighters? He's ruined many great career defining KO's with his dufus antics. Chuck is shaking his head right now watching his classic fight with Randleman... just as he follows up Randleman with some GnP after that beautiful left hook. Here comes the thunder stealing clown big John rushing him like a defensive end and hauls him across the cage. His big KO moment is forever over-shadowed by that obscene over-action. I'm sure there are a couple of fighters who would love to tee off on his tiny head.

Yells way too fucking loud when he wants fighters to change positions. So I actualy notice myself watching him yell out shit.."YO BRET! DONT PUT YOUR FINGERS IN THE FENCE."X 10... Ref's actions are supposed to be seamless with the action. I'm not supposed to notice this guy there.

Get this guy out of there.
stfu and go sit in the corner retard.


he is annoying that is for sure. constantly talking to the fighters. just shut up for a minute John. you really notice it if you watch a few of the UFC reruns on spike. its like he never shuts up.

 OP is a tool, vtfd.

BJM is the best. There was a time when I had access to the the inner workings of the UFC. Invariably when it looked like BJM made a mistake on PPV he was actually right. Sometimes it bore out on another camera angle, and other times he could tell you clearly what he knew or saw that you couldn't see on TV. BJM is the gold standard of referees.


D0N Johnson - I don't think Brett appreciated Big John holding him down after the stoppage to make the stoppage look worst than it is.

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