Is Bill Gates the most evil man in the world?

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2 people famous for reasons other than being drs or virologists. Have differing opinions on cv and the vaccine

1 is treated poorly by the media and the other revered

that’s the comparison

Except he was right about all of it.

Maybe some people don’t want to die from a preventable vaccine complication. You know… by not taking a forced vaccine


Rogan is giving out his “opinion”. You are free to listen and take what he says with a grain of salt

He does have experts on both sides on. And does well interviewing them. He’s not telling anyone to do anything… unlike the gov that forced a vaccine on people

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How many people have died from taking the vaccine vs having COVID?

Gates said he plans to set up a 3,000-person social media unit to help propagate accurate vaccine information in the future.

He stressed that “good messages” need to be carried forward by people of trust in the community, such as political and ethnic leaders.

Does it matter?
If someone was FORCED to take it and died…

funny you can’t get a good number related to cv vaccine deaths and complications

The information isn’t available

Why do you think that is?

do you believe all the COVID deaths were people dying “from COVID” or “with COVID”

No one is actually forced to have a vaccine. However if a woman is forced to carry a pregnancy and dies because it’s ectopic you seem fine with that.

“Vaccine mandate”

an official order or commission to do something.

so actually they are forced to take it.

Now can you tell me where in the SC ruling there is any language about women being forced to carry the pregnancy to term if it risks her life

Please link it

I’ll help you… it isn’t there at all

You don’t have a clue wtf you’re talking about.

Like usual

Disingenuous fuckhead

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I hope more women die from pregnancy in your yard, faggot

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The most evil person that I’m aware of is Yuval Noah Harai. He’s an advisor and the right hand man of Klaus. He says all humans should be chipped and humans are “hackable animals.” He says mankind shouldn’t have free will and should be forced to do what technocrat elites want them to do.

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Losing your job, your livelihood, forced to choose between feeding your family and taking an experimental kill shot is being forced.

A woman has the choice and responsibility to avoid a pregnancy.

Not prudent to craft policy on 1% of incidents.

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Medical expert right there. Every “conspiracy theorist” used common sense and realized this very thing 2 years ago.




His wife knew about his plans and divorced him to save herself from swinging from a rope.