is bj phoning it in against edgar?

 wheres marv?

why isnt he training in cali?

where are the all star sparring partners?

 I think at this point Penn knows how important it is to win and win in spectacular fashion.  I'm sure Marv is around somewhere...

 ^^^My thoughts exactly...

As much as I hate Penn, I to think his has seen the light and is taking training seriously

if 145 lb edgar, who just lost to maynard, takes the strap from penn, it would definitely be a fluke and i think penn should still be considered the greatest mma fighter of all time

penn's loss to pulver, draw with uno, and savage beatings by hughes and gsp don't really count, and he already defended against 2 reknowned tuf contestants

Marv was in Hilo for a few weeks i'm not sure if hes still there. They are still basically doing the same workouts just without him there.

BJ has built a private gym in a warehouse just for this fight (and maybe future fights). He doesn't workout at Penn Training & Fitness as much anymore. He has stated the additional flying involved in getting to Abu Dhabi made him decide to hold his camp in Hawaii. Because I believe they will be flying over Asia to get there and not Europe (flying west not east)

goku -  wheres marv?

why isnt he training in cali?

where are the all star sparring partners?

Marv was there. They just left.. He said he was gonna stay in hawaii to train because the time zone difference is closer to where the fights are.

 "if 145 lb edgar"

Edgar walks at 165. BJ is walking at 166.

"who just lost to maynard"

'Just'? That was two years and four fights ago.

People need to drop it with the BJ Penn phoning it in bullshit.

When was the last time he PHONED IT IN?

Did he phone it in when he dominated and finished Pulver, Stevenson, Sherk, Florian, and Sanchez all at lightweight?

Mr. Sherk who is supposed to be a cardio and gas tank freak who was supposed to get BJ Penn in the later rounds? Didn't happen.

goku -  wheres marv?

 NFL draft coming soon, free agency starts today.....Marv's probably working with his much higher paying NFL clients.

Chomas -  He will beat Frankie in 4 minutes, at most.


goku was spot on

 lol @ "wheres marv?"