Is BJ really a prodigy?

I'm looking for opinions on this.
BJ has been able to train full-time since his teens and obviously has natural gifts. Wouldn't many people be equally skilled if they had no financial obligations and were able to train full-time under the best instructors?
Thoughts, UG?


Edit: perhaps I should clarify. Yes he is a prodigy. No, most people wouldn't be at the same skill level with the same training.

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"Wouldn't many people be equally skilled if they had no financial obligations and were able to train full-time under the best instructors?"

More skilled, imo, and many more close to his level and equal, yes.

Yes, he is.

A lot of people in this world grow up with a really "good life". Be it the best schools, the best coaches in sports, the best teachers, etc. Yet they all come out different with different level of skills and abilities. Some are good enough to go on to bigger things and some arent. I see this being no different. BJ is one of the few.

Agreed that he is still a minority, but not many have had his opportunity, and the more that did, the more skilled fighters we'd see.

money helps but you have to put in the work.


its only a nickname..relax

4 years = blackbelt.

*correct for accuracy.

BJ received his black belt after 4 years and won mundials after 3.

Yes. he's a prodigy.

I've seen lots of guys train hard and never improve much. There are guys who will probably be blue belt for life and guys who will never see a blue belt, no matter how much they train. Just because somebody has money and time to devote to training, there are still no guarantees.

If BJ start to practice soccer he would be in the next world cup
buddy...The guy is that talent my friend!


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BJ isnt a Prodigy.


yes bj is a prodigy.

but that doesnt matter now. hes been in the game a LONG time now. his skills are far beyond prodigial.

No disrespect to BJ; he is phenomenal. All I'm pointing out is that most fighters, even once they're at entry UFC level (2-3 to fight, 2-3 win), have to support themselves through other means (teaching, schools, regular 9-5 gigs).
Would we see more guys as skilled as BJ if more people had access to top training and less financial obligations?

It's not a knock on BJ; he's incredible...

also, Lindland a great fighter in his own right, and a silver medalist in the olymics said that BJ Penn picks things up faster than anybody he's ever trained with.

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