Is BJJ Just A Pajama Party With Submissions?

 Just a thought.   ;-)

Lol! No, it works for mma it's just that you can't just do BJJ and stay at the top tier anymore. Just like Striking only MMA fighters they need to evolve and acquire more skills to make them a better MIXED MARTIAL ARTISTS not a better BJJ guy. Damion Maia has the right approach.
But then again I do love Pajama parties!

i dont know what kind of pajama parties you've been to...

It is more like a fully clothed dry hump session..

Train Judo - It is more like a fully clothed dry hump session..

 Wrong.  After a half hour or so the gi is drenched and then it's a wet hump session. 

So far the ratio of UGers with a sense of humor to those without one is high.   Thank goodness.

Stupid people !



is boxing just punches with eye pokes?

isn't wrestling just double legs and shaking your hair?

Why is kickboxing so impossible to define? Isn't it punches, kicks, knees, and elbows; with groin strikes?