Is Bob Ross a good halloween costume?

Please answer the following questions

Do you know who Bob Ross is?

Would you recognize a Bob Ross costume?

How old are you?

How many pickles can you fit in your mouth at once?

No, No, 30, depends how big the pickles are.

Yes. If your costume was good then I would recognize instantly. I'm 29. Fuck pickles.

the racist shitposter from georgia?

evh -

the racist shitposter from georgia?

no not travenbjj, the painter guy from tv


Only if you get a couple of buddies to dress up as happy little trees.

Fuck yes it is and please post pics



Old enough





5 regular, 10 of yours. 

happy little trees

so far no one in their 20s lol

The reason I ask is because a couple of my friends think girls won't know who I am. We're in our 20's

I like topical costumes. Get a skin colored inflatable fat suit and a big towel. Go as Harvey Weinstein.

Early 20s I don’t think people will know who he is... Bob Ross had a small revival from Twitch and Netflix though, so some will know...

Yes for sure. I grew up watching that show with my grandma. 38.

you should buy a bunch of little toy trees and hand out happy little trees to people.

my art teacher, Sister Mary, used to be an Alexander (bob ross' estranged mentor) fan girl and used to talk shit about bob ross


You will require a pet squirrel or baby bird to really nail that costume...Bob Ross was always bringing out animals....This will also bring the women to you, they love animals....

Yes yes 35 yuck none

evh -

the racist shitposter from georgia?

I like poster bob ross, but I did lol