IS Brian Burke GOne

what is your say, there has been speculation all year that there is a rift between burke and ownership. he doesnt have a contract and now the nucks are out of the playoffs in the first round, totally underperformed.

I hope not, he's built a freakin great team and one of the most exciting ones in the NHL.He's built a team that actually makes the owners money and is an elite team.

The team I have no problem with...

But fuck.... I HATE Brian Burke...


yeah burke has a big ego and loves to spar with the media. he has built and amazing team here and i would like him to stay. god knows what will happen, hell we might have a lockout

No but Crawford should be.



brian burke basically stated that he wont survive the weekend. Orca bay will make a press conference next week.

I don't think Brian likes to spar with the media, they ask stupid questions that he tells them previously that he can't answer. I thought he did a terrific job with the press conference after the Todd incident, I don't know why they are even questioning his presence in Vancouver. Picking up Sanderson and Rucinsky was not a great move, and they showed their horseshit play.


They played an unbelievable series and lost in OT in game 7.Hardly horseshit play.

Sanderson was a great pickup, Ruchinsky not so great imo i hope he does go back to NY.

5 on 5 they couldnt hang with the flames. burke is out tambellini is in.

Game 6 they scored 4 of the 5 goals 5 on 5.

Hopefully no knee jerk reactions by ownership, they've built a great team and with a few small changes will be strong contenders

If Burke's gone it could be Tambellini, but it also could be Nonis.

taking the whole series into acct the flames where better 5 on 5.

ill put 5.00 that burke is gone by next week. too bad cause i like what hes done in the last five yrs.

Burke should not be gone..the fucking ownership,and that PIECE OF SHIT McCammon should be gone.peace