Is Cabbage vs Marsh still on?

I am seeing on other threads that Cabbage pulled out of the fight with Marsh this Friday in ROTR, but haven't seen the info verified by anyone who would know this for certain. Is this fight still happening, or not?

I hope this isn't true.




better be.

Wesley said NO and that he is still fighting


if you get suspended (they do this wheather you are ko'd or not) and you fight, you face further suspensions and fines. trust me i know this from personal experience. They can fine him as much as they want.

yes they do

Usually for 30 days I think.

This fight is still on!

Sexz, Nice to hear from you, how are you girl?

Check the thread "ROTR weigh in pictures", looks like the fight is on to me. Great card!

Yes... it's on
I'm doing well
here are some pics I uploaded really quick they're kind of big sorry

TTT Cabage!!

Nice pics!