Is Caesar Gracie Still Taken Seriously...

after being owned in 21 seconds by Shamrock? I'm just curious if he still has a big following. I know the Gracie nut huggers will want to beat up Rocco for making this thread. Just seems to me after getting smashed that quick in your one and only sanctioned fight, your "students"would think twice?

as an instructor, sure.

 I can't imagine this thread getting heated.

Well, it was a loss sure. I do give him big props for stepping in to fight Frank Shamrock for his first MMA fight ever. A lot of people start out against scrubs. Shamrock, for whatever he is now, at least at one time was a pretty awesome fighter. (Not saying he isn't now, I just don't really follow him)

He has produced some legit students. So yeah, I'd say he's still taken seriously. I will say this. At least he had the guts to step in and actually try to fight, unlike someone like Mark Laimon. :)

Yes, he is now a total laughing stock because his students do so horribly in MMA.

I say he is even more of a coach now for going out there and trying, you got guys like Greg Jackson, who many respect but you will never see him in the cage on PPV I'm sure.

so i guess never fighting before then stepping up to Frank shamrock on what i believe was short notice makes you a joke?

As a fighter, I'm not anyone really took him that seriously.

As an instructor, well... Gilbert Melendez, Diaz bros, Jake Shields, Dave Terrell... enough said.

 I`m pretty sure that people in and around him are not fair weather fans.

Kakkarotto_san - Dave Terrell

hes turned into a massive failed experiment,

but while he actually wanted to fight, i agree.

Ceasar is one of those guys who is a better teacher than a fighter.

Saul Soliz, Sean Tompkins also come to mind.

Have you seen Sean Tompkins MMA fights???? i think they total 2minutes all together if him getting mounted and pounded the fuck on and he is Head Instructor at Xtreme Coture.

so whats your point??? Terrell is not a failed experiment, he just chooses not to fight

He never said he was really that good, and admitted his 10-0 record amounted to dojo challenges.

He was in it for the payday IMO - I would be absolutely shocked if he took another fight.

he fought shamrock because they were both talking shit to eachother

his jiujitsu students seem to have a great ground game for MMA and are regularly submitting top competition in MMA. Guess that should say enough

caeser gracie aint no bitch

one of the best coaches in the game.

Rocco loves MMA. But he loves strippers more. So, if he hasn't done tons of research before starting a thread, try and forgive him.

 i am certain he knows his bjj

DJStudd - those that can

those that cant ..teach.

those that cant teach....teach PE(gym).


ya know, i never like this saying cause its really not true...

also there are HUGE examples of the reverse.... those that can and do, cant teach for shit a lot of the time! Also there are plenty of those that fuckin can like nobodies busines!, they just dont fuckin want too... they really make good teachers also a lot of the time... there is really a place for everyone