Is Caesar Gracie Still Taken Seriously...

 How the heck could people not take him seriously given how good his fighters are?

And in terms of mano a mano, I ain't no Frank Shamrock so I'd make sure to take Gracie very seriously if I ran into him, lol


I don't think he was ever a legit threat in mma

but look at the students he has produced!

you can't argue that

so that said

stupid thread

very timely thread

did they fight over the weekend?

 Possibly the best jj instructer out there. No one should be 'ashamed' losing to Frank Shamrock.


Newbs will bite on this one.

Guess what Frank Shamrock ko's most trainers, yes including pat fuckin militech and greg jackson, i dont care what weight they are at.

He'd beat sean tompkins as well. no biggie. they are still good trainers