Is Cell-Tech worth the $$$$

Has anyone had positive/negative results?

Not worth the money, buy cheaper creatine IMO



It is basically creatine and alpha lipoic acid. Buy them separately and save money. ALA is an excellent supplement i recommend you read on. It is an antioxidant but specific to muscle building it acts like a insulin mimicker to shuttle the uptake of MORE nutrients to the muscles... hencle adding it to creatine.

It is basically creatine and a ton of dextrose.

it does work,but you can find cheaper alternatives like creatine w/grape juice etc.

Theres plenty of home-made cell-tech recipes on the net - as voorhees said: creatine monohydrate + dextrose

better creatines out there.

The vast majority of supplements are a waste of money.

google the one you want for alot of user reviews.

i think it worked for me but i dont what the heck it was... the flavor or ingredients but the "cherry" flavor? i guess ...would burn my throat after about 10 seconds when i had a swig or 2 .


LeftBench - Not worth the money, buy cheaper creatine IMO


Body Fortress creatine at Walmart is $14 and will do the same things for you, imo.

for later

Celltech works. But so does regular creatine monohydrate mixed with fructose or another delivery system that will cause an insulin spike. Celltech just takes care of the mixing for you, and you are paying for the Muscletech advertising budget. Celltech, Mesotech, and Nitrotech contributed to a lot of my initial gains (180 to 220). At about 220, I wised up and found cheaped sups that are just as effective.

I use a pharma-grade creatine monohydrate mixed with powdered Gatorade. That got me up to 260 lbs at 8.3% BF.

I usually jut mix my cheap Creatine with grape juice for the fructose. good to go

I 2nd Body Fortress from Wal-Mart.

260 at 8.3 bf??? Where you inject your needles?

Nitrotech Hardcore has worked amazing for me.

im am extremely satisfied with sizeon

The muscletech products are good, but way overpriced. You're paying for those 3 page glossy ads when you buy them, not a product that's different from the Wal-mart version...