Is Chris Brennan still in Dallas?

Just wondering if he's still living in Dallas and if so where is he training?

I believe he lives in Aubrey, Texas....which is sort of between Denton and McKinney, north of Dallas. I think he has some mats at his house that he teaches privates with.

Score Boards, IMO.


ttt 4 nogi


Chris Lives in Tx.

He is in Cali. trainng with Dan Henderson right now.

Cost of Living and concentrating on his last few fights, are reasons for moving.

He trains MotoX guys, does privates and enjoys life.

Go Chris (June 30th World Vale Tudo)

Peace Chris...

It makes or made economic sense to move from Cali to Texas. With the equity he had he was probably able to buy a house double the size of the one he had.

But TTT for Brengan/Brenigan.