Is Chuck Liddell Gay?

I was listening to a local morning radio talk show and he was talking about the heavy emphasis of hetrosexuality in the UFC, and when asked about the subject, he stated something to the extent that generally UFC fans like to know that not only do fighters succeed in the ring, but that they are successful alpha males able to conquer their lustful tastes in any matter that they please. He continued to say that there are unfair pressures on himself and other fighters, and that if he had the choice he wouldn't want to pretend to be such a lady's man.

I'm not sure about this, but I was highly disappointed hearing him saying such a thing. Is he gay?

dumbest thread ever

A dude's gay just because he is tired of having to overstress the fact that he likes women? He's probably just not a demonstrative guy, and he's not enjoying being in the role where people to expect him to act the way they think an alpha-male should act.