Is Chuck taking Babalu lightly?

Do you think with all of the hype with Wanderlei and Chuck, and a possible rematch with Tito, that Chuck is looking past Babalu?

Has anyone heard how Chuck's training is going? I hope Chuck isn't taking him lightly, because one mistake and no fight with Wandereli.

It's not like Chuck hasn't been in this exact situation (with the same fighter, no less) before and come out on top.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I think Chuck should win. I just hope he isn't taking him lightly.

I doubt he is taking him lightly.

this question always makes me mad ask yourself do you think that a pro fighter who loves to fight and compete who has nothing better to do than train for his next fight is taking him lightly.....

Hasn't Matt Hughes admitted he took BJ lightly and attributes that to his losing of the title? Didn't Chuck take Randy lightly in their first fight? Yea, I'd say it's possible. Unlikely, but not impossible.

I doubt Chuck is. The UFC on the other hand...

Saying after you get your ass kicked that you took your opponent lightly is an excuse, nothing more or less.

REAL taking your opponent lightly:Jerry Bohlander before his fight with Tito. "As far as I'm concerned, it's already a win. I just have to go through the motions." or words to that effect in his PRE-fight interview.

Chuck has KOed Babalu before, so he has that psychological edge, but Babalu is hungry and on something of a roll. No way is Chuck taking him lightly by any definition.



"I took him lightly"= He took me out of my game plan.

"Chuck can always fall back on the eye poke if all else fails."

You mean like he did the last time he fought Babalu?

Wait, no...... that was a massive kick to the face.

Or are you going to baa-aah-aah like a good sheep and follow the rest of fanboys who would likely argue that, instead..... Chuck poked Babalu in the eye with his big toe.



I think the motivation for Chuck in this fight is going to be unreal. He will not overlook Babalu and knows this fight is the door to the one he has asked for for years.

Big payday against another title holder to prove who is #1 .

He will be ready.


It isn't the same Babalu that fought Chuck nearly 4 years ago.

I call BS on Chuck taking Randy lightly the 1st time. Randy trainwrecked Chuck on the feet and the ground. He was too strong for him. He then ran through Tito and Vitor. Randy, meanwhile, was still aging.

By the time Chuck faced Randy the 2nd time Randy had aged just enough to lose.

Chuck has a big advantage of Babalu, in that he has already beaten him easily and that his style matches up well with him...

Hang on, that sounds like Randy v Chuck 2...

Babalu is a great fighter but I dont see him being able to take Liddell down, then keep him down. His main chance is if he can pull off a quick suv if he does get it to the ground before Liddell gets back up and while Liddell is getting up.

Tito does not deserve a rematch with Liddell and never will.

First off, Randy even agrees that Chuck took him likely and has said it several times over the years.

For those saying it's a different Babalu, I think you're right. But I think it's borderline bias or hate saying that Chuck isn't a better fighter these days as well.

Chuck was coming off three straight decision wins when he fought Babalu at UFC 40. After KO'ing him, his next 6 wins were all by KO. He's become a finisher, folks.

Since Renato lost to Chuck, he's won 10 straight.... 4 by decision and 6 by submission, including his last 5 wins. Also, a finisher.

I'd give the nod to Chuck on finishing stronger opposition, though.

I think this will be a better fight than their last. I'd be shocked if it didn't make it out of the first round. I'm a fan of Babalu becuase I like his style. I'm a fan of Chuck for the same reasons..... plus, I really want to see him and Silva fight.

They've both improved in the last 4 years..... I just don't know why so many people give so much credit to Sobral, and in turn refuse to give any to Chuck.

...... proceed with the thumb arguments for lack of better intelligence.