Is Coker closing in on Tito/Shamrock IV?

I know Shamrock said this is a one time thing that seems interesting but do you think Coker is thinking with a win here and some bookoo bucks, he can sell another Tito Shammy fight? If so, does that fight move needles?

Wouldn't doubt the winner will fight Tito. I think Tito will get a title shot soon though as well. Phone Post 3.0

with a win, Glory: SHAMROCK vs GOLDBERG. lol

xsrg95 - with a win, Glory: SHAMROCK vs GOLDBERG. lol

imagine that

You saw the photo of the four of them - the Tito selfie.

Kimbo vs Ken - Winner fights Royce

Winner fights Tito

Winner fights Fyodor

It makes sense for everyone involved, lots of money generated, everyone wins.

Tito/Ken 4 would be silly. The third one was bad enough.

I honestly don't think Tito would accept the fight. Phone Post 3.0

we the fans can only hope