Is conrad Thompson the ultimate money mark

Overall I like Conrad. At times I think he seems like a whiny spoiled kid. But 90% of the time he does very well.


I like all of his podcasts, but I really like 83 Weeks with Bischoff because of how they approach it from a business perspective.


As far as the cohosts, Schiavone and Arn seem like the best guys. JR and Bruce have some stories but I wouldnt guess those fat fucks and I would get along.

Schiavone is my favorite one followed by JR.

I like Jarrett pod too.

Never listened to arn or Kurt. Didn’t like biscoffs much at all. He’s too windy.

Not slamming you for what you like! Just saying what ones I like.

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The Ask Arn Anything was their best format. Him doing a chronological career thing is cool but I like the Q&A format best for him.

I like jrs the best because i think its more of the honest truth about vince, the business and wwe. Plus he is surly and grumpy as hell. He definitely sells everything.

Used to be prichard but he is so overwhelmed with corporate life that its not the same. His antics and characters were absurdly good. Total carnie

Bischoff is excellent cause of the business angle

Angle is very cool hearing him talk about the olympics. Plus he has is very confident in himself and not a mark for the business so he is a pretty straight shooter.

Arn i enjoy but.not a must listen.

Schiavone i dont.keep up with cause of all the other shows but i used to enjoy it. He seemed desperate like hell to get laid.



Yes he is!

  1. Tony
  2. Bruce
  3. J.R.
  4. Eric

Haven’t heard Arn or Jeff.

I look forward to the inevitable ECW podcast.

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Jarrett is actually fairly interesting, and I admittedly had zero interest in him at first. He just straight up talks money where others may not.

Tony Schiavone was almost responsible for my death once! I was about 25 foot up on a ladder and Tony said “well Lois was the only girl who would fuck me, so I married her”.

I laughed my ass off at that line and nearly fell off the ladder lol.


I was leery at first, but I’ve come to enjoy Jarrett and encourage people to give it a try. There’s not many people, at least doing podcasts (more like no people) who have the background JJ does and the perspective of being the son of a promoter. Hearing how smart he is about business in general (not just wrestling) and the way he approaches things makes it make a lot more sense when you think about how he always seems to land on his feet.


Lois wasnt bad back then


Heck yeah! I’d hit that.

If only she would clean the dog hair and stay sober past noon.


I could listen to Arn all day. Like Biscoff as well.Conrad’s podcasts keep me entertained while on the treadmill. I get to listening and forget how long I’ve been on there. I am a fan of Austin’s as well. I go back and listen to the old ones from Piper as well before he got that annoying Earl guy on there. My least favorites are Tony, Kurt and Jarrett.

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Lois ugly then and now.

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I could see Bischoffs not being for everyone, but I encourage people to give it a try because within a lot of the business talk you start to get a much fuller picture of what WCW was like as a machine, and how the corporate leadership really viewed wrestling. It also dispels some of the “ATM Eric” stuff and things such as that


Bischoff is good but sometimes I get bored with it. Prichard is unlistenable now. Never liked Tony show. I like Kurt angle show a lot when topic is good. Haven’t checked out Arn yet or Jarrett. Not a big interest in what arn has to say. And JR is such a negative guy it’s hard to listen

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I recommend trying out a Wrestling With Wregret episode that does nostalgia review. Besides old Wrestlemanias, Summer Slams, Halloween Havocs, Starcades, he does some AWA, ECW, etc.

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Just wondering why you say this about Arn ?

Giving the Jarrett podcast a try now.