Is Cosa Nostra still a force?

Is the American Mafia still doing their thing? Probably not as powerful as before the RICO Act, or maybe less visible now?

Laziest federal agent ever.


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Which of the Five Families is most powerful? Which has had the misfortune of having Secaucus in their turf?

And how does the Mafia feel about black and Hispanic street gangs?

They’re definitely still around in NYC. Just not as powerful as they were and they try to stay low key. They still run the shipping docks in Jersey.

A lot of mobsters do business with them.

What other industries do they run? Still running garbage and garments?

They don’t mess with them cause they deal with drugs. - Mafia apologist

I don’t know if it’s true or not. But I was told once that the main industry they are in is vending machines now. Selling stolen merch.