Is Couture looking past Liddell?

Is Couture looking past Liddell?

Is Couture's attitude "I beat him before, I'll beat him again" and not take Liddell seriously as he did the first time?

Nope, he's looking right through him.

What exactly would he be looking past him to? Usually you say someone is looking past someone when a much bigger fight would be next. This IS the big fight.

Couture will finish Liddell again, and if somehow Liddell survives he will lose a one-sided decision.

If it wasn't such a lopsided beatdown last time I would be a little more excited about this one.

I am still excited about this one. I hop Chuck has something up his sleeve. Not sure what it would be though.

Also if Randy was looking past Chuck it would be a big mistake, but I dont think he is.

I dont think Chuck will be dominated during the stand up as bad as last time, but the end result will be just about the same.

chuck should and probably has a whole new gameplan that randy doesnt know. so he should do better this time. i hope he does

Chuck needs to establish his jab and leg kicks to wear Randy down ala Rizzo/Couture I

chuck did not fight like himself in the first fight, he got a big push from ufc, he was the favorite and he was way to cautious, i think the world of randy's skills he is incredible, but if chuck fights like loose and isn't as hesitant this fight could definitely go the iceman's way

I doubt Randy would underestimate anybody, especially Chuck.

Chuck is not a dumb guy - I think this fight will be much more competative.

You cannot give Randy the tempo, simple as that. Chuck is gonna have to get some of that rage he unleashed on Tito, can that shit and let it rip on Randy. If he fights a careful counter-fight and spends his whole time afraid of the takedown he will lose again.

there is no possible way Chuck can even hope for anything other than exactly what he got last time.....

Randy owns Chuck in ever facet... Yes, even striking

Chuck is a better striker, Randy is no KO artist on the feet.

People forget that against Randy everybody is afraid of the clinch and the takedown. That really changes a straight up striking game when the other guy is that dangerous if he gets ahold of you.

I'd pick Randy, but I'm pulling for Chuck. After all he's done for and put up with from the UFC Chuck really deserves a run with the title. I'm a big fan of both these guys so I wouldn't be dissappointed or surprised either way. Randy can beat Chuck and proved it, Chuck can beat Randy and now he has another opportunity to prove it.

dont forget Randy completely out struck Vitor and Chuck

"I hop Chuck has something up his sleeve."

Unless it's a .357, he is in deep shit.

Couture seems to have cleaner crisper striking, but Liddell has more KO power and an unorthodox striking style. That is why Liddell wins more fights than Randy via stand-up striking, but how Randy's strong striking technique found major wholes in Liddell's unorthodox approach. It is bad match-up from Liddell, but he has the advantage of trying to learn from and adjust for his mistakes of last fight. I say Randy wins in a closer fight.

I'm such a fan of both of these guys I'd hate to see either of them lose, but if I had to pick, it'd be Couture.


What new thing is Chuck going to bring that will make the difference? He could be more aggressive, but doesn't that move him closer to Couture's clinch? He would kind of be doing Randy's work for him that way.

He could tighten up his striking, but that would be a huge style change for him. He favors power over precision a lot, and, without the power, is he really the Ice Man?

As hard as Chuck hits, it's hard to picture him KOing Randy, whose chin has been tested against bigger strikers, and Couture has improved greatly since the days of Mo, Rizzo and Belfort 1.

Maybe Chuck shows something all new. Maybe Apr 16 is the day Randy suddenly gets old in the ring. Otherwise, still seems like Randy wins.

Do you people really believe that Couture could win a straight-up striking match with no clinch or ground game?

If so, you are on crack.

Chuck fears the takedown, he is looking to sprawl. You see it all the time in MMA - learn to spot it.