is cringe heel the new thing?

i think most people agree that the heel act that colby and cejudo have is cringy. it's really awkward and feels forced. it's uncomfortable to watch. it's like watching a comedian bomb miserably.

initially, i wanted them to stop. it was just too painful to watch. but now i actually look forward to their antics in a weird way. it's like watching a trainwreck.

i'm starting to think that cringe heel is more entertaining than "normal" heel. there is just something entertaining about seeing someone awkwardly trash talk. for example, gsp "i'm not impressed" comment was legendary.

i think it'd be entertaining to see some fighters who don't trash talk be forced to do it. like it'd be awesome to hear demian maia talk crazy trash with his calm voice and portuguese accent.
or to see wonderboy take on a nick diaz persona and start talking like a cholo and flipping everyone off. stuff like that.

i really hope it catches on.