is Crocop/Mir a #3 contenders match?

just curious to know,if im gonna pay for it id like to know the context of the main event,still deliberating

No. I like CroCOop, but he isn't in the mix at heavy. Mir will force him to either retire or drop to 205.

 No matter who wins I say they'll be at least 2 more fights away from title shot. 

so its a #4 contenders match for Mir and a #3 contenders match for Crocop? this feels like a quarterfinal at wimbledon

if mir wins, they pump it up as him defeating a legend {which cro cop is, but they will spin it like he just knocked off pride GP era cro cop} and will "put him 1 big win away from the title shot" {even though he himself has said he would need a couple more wins to get to the shot after this one}. they will probably set up the big nog fight for him next, and repeat the hype if he wins that, then the title shot.

if cro cop wins, they pump it up as a legend returning to form, overhype his win over barry and feed him a well known but sub par heavy to keep the hype going. either that or chuck.......

 I remember like 2 years ago they had the whole HW Couture, Lesnar, Mir and Nog thing going like a little tourney. 

 JDS is already number 3

 NVM, I misread the title. I thought it said ranked third or something to that effect.

3 contender would be the 4th best hw,I think Brock,Carwin,Cain and Jds are top 4 in one order or another so winner would be #4 contender best case scenario.was more joke thread then serious,my spin on wondering why this is the main event without the typical bashing