Is Dennis Hallman punch drunk?

Obvously he's getting a lot of attention for his crazy apparel last Saturday.  I also read somewhere that he tried out for TUF wearing a luchadore mask and ran off when they asked him to remove it (can anyone verify?).

Does he just have a weird sense of humor or is this a case of a guy acting erratically because he's been in 60+ fights?  I get worried when fighters start doing strange things since it often escelates as they get older.

never heard the TUF thing, funny if true

 He has ha a lot of fights but rarely takes a lot of damage.  He has an odd sense of humor. Plus the speedo thing was on a bet he lost.

Billyz - never heard the TUF thing, funny if true

it is true, and its not new news. i heard about it right after the tryouts on this very board

Speaking of the masked luchador ROBIN PHOENIX, I have seen this character fight on events in Japan, one was called Battle Athlete Championships and I have also seen him fight in Tsuwamono. Could that be Dennis Hallman fighting in Japan under the guise of Robin Phoenix?

 just think, your a guy with 5 fights and trying to take your career to another level and a world class guy disguised with a mask mops the floor with you and bumps you out of the competition.

 Robin Phoenix... man that is a great story...

Dennis is a little nutty, sure but he is a very nice guy. I remember when all of my training gear got stolen years ago, Dennis didn't know me but he was nice enough to send me a bunch of his old gear.

He has fought quite a few times as the masked Robin Phoenix too! I think the fights were amateur.

There is video footage of him fighting as Phoenix somewhere on here. He is masked and comes in and ko's the guy w/a head kick

 Glad to hear that it's just a sense of humor. 

I do think both the speedo and the mask were funny...but not particularly good for career advancement.

Hallman is as smart and witty as they come. He is three steps ahead of anyone all the time. He was dared to wear the banana hammock and he did it because he is fearless and funny.