Is disco inferno Glenn Gilbernetti a wrestling genius?

I really like his takes. Great mind for business. But he gets mocked not not being an AEW fanboy.


I never heard any of his takes. I have heard from people who were around him back in the day that he did have a good head for the business and got pigeon holed by a dumb gimmick he could never shake.

I like his takes more often than not. He also isnt a total dick about it where most wrasslin people get hostile quick.
And yeah he gets shit on for something he had no say over.

Not unless you ask Disco Inferno

He also gives handjobs at sapphire from 2am to 5am I believe andhugs & kisses back on the table especially if you’re a cute transgender

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The clips I hear of him on his podcast he is always trolling the audience. I could believe he has a good mind behind the scenes

He has the same take as Cornette just not as Venemous about it.

the brooklyn brawler drew more than this idiot