Is Donald Corleone a threat to Anthony Pettis?

I think Donald Corleone is one of the biggest stylistic threats to Anthony Pettis' proverbial WEC lightweight strap since Clay Guida. Phone Post

I think pettis is better everywhere. Pettis =best lightweight striker

I feel as though Pettis is better pretty much everywhere but Cerrone is a threat to anyone.

Hes a treat to anyone. He is an excellent fighter, however if Pettis is healthy its a great fight Phone Post

Yes, Cowboy is a threat.

Cowboy's gonna whoop that ass on the 26th. Phone Post

Roryfappedonmyface - Cowboy's gonna whoop that ass on the 26th. Phone Post

. Phone Post

It is difficult to judge Cerrone. It seemed like he had turned a corner before the Nate Diaz fight, but that fight really showed some weakness in his standup.

Cerrone has to take Pettis down to win this fight. IMO, Pettis is slightly better standing though either could end the fight with one shot. This should be a very interesting.

Cowboy! Phone Post

I really think cowboy was burned out for the Diaz fight. He was fighting for the fifth time that year. We seen what he did to Stevens after he had some time off. You can't be perfect every fight but I think if they fought again cowboy would get the win. Phone Post

I also think something was off with Cowboy for the Diaz fight, however I am not sure it was being burned out as much as it was Diaz getting in his head with all the trash talk, and pre fight pushing and shoving. I have watched Cowboy fight for a long time being from Denver and I can tell you that normally standing in front of him and exchanging is not a good idea.

That said I think Pettis is one of the most prolific strikers the UFC has and could give Cowboy all sorts of problems. I am not sure how good Pettis's ground game is but I can tell you that Cowboy has very good jits, and I am sure his wrestling has only improved being at Jacksons. I wouldn't be surprised to see Cowboy come out and try and take Pettis to the ground.

Showtime! Phone Post

Forza lion heart Cerrone Phone Post

This is not a joke thread, my phone auto corrected to Corleone. Sheesh! Phone Post

He should use that instead of that broke ack shot. What kinda Italian is a cowboy? Non bene Phone Post