Is Draftkings/Fanduel going down?

Class action lawsuit against them amongst other things.

If anything they should be sued because of their relentless advertising. Phone Post 3.0

Daftkings ruined last weeks event. Never tried fanduel.

I hope daftkings sticks around. Also try kountermove you can bet on glory amd metamoris bellator. Pretty sweet

One can only hope

those sites are such crap. and it's super annoying that they're advertising on the league now, fuck off.

U can bet on daily fantasy but can't bet on regular sports. Stupid. Phone Post 3.0

Is there a legal way to bet on sports, online, from ca?

That bullshit scam takes a huge rake of the profit.

Way more than even just betting on events


Meanwhile 98% of the people who bet lost all their money

and Billy lost his house and family

-William Burr