Is egg white omelette really a thing?

In the US?

I have never heard of anyone ordering an egg white anything here(australia) What gives?

You scare about yolk?

How fat are you?

People are scared of healthy fats but will poison them self consuming truck loads of sugar...

i prefer the egg white to the yolk. organic plasticky texture

I make my eggs with more white than yolk

Straydog24 - How fat are you?

I'm skinny, 6'2 196lbs and I eat 3-4 whole egg for breakfast everyday.

I go out for breakfast a lot and I've never seen an egg white anything be ordered or on the menu.

Guessing it's an American thing, anyone euros do this?

Guys who eat egg whites only, shoot pathetic loads 

They did a study awhile back and found egg yolk is more healthy than originally thought. Eat all your eggs folks

Never seen this in the UK either, yolk is the best bit

I've been eating between 2 to 12 eggs every day since i was 2 years old.


Where I'm from we pan fry them in low heat olive oil and then scoop up the oil with bread.


I only do that once in a blue moon nowadays because to make it like the old days i need tons of fresh white bread and i don't eat bread much as an adult.


So good.

We have it in the UK for sure, place near me does them.