Is Elvis inside Bisping's head?

Answer: YES

His banter today had Bisping invoking his son and babbling about beating Elvis standing. LOL! Way to go, King!

I knew when I read that interview earlier in the week where Elvis said that he's looking to win his way to a shot at Chuck's title that this was a new, focused Elvis. This is the Elvis that I've been waiting for!

Given his skillset and new determination, I'm picking Elvis by second round submission.


its not like bisping has been tested yet. I vote Elvis!


"Sinosic predicted not only victory, but ?one of the greatest matches fans will ever see?, adding that he was prepared to engage in a stand-up war rather than take the fight to the ground. Bisping dryly countered that this strategy was ?probably not a wise move. Lying on the floor and hoping for a submission would be your best bet.""

Bisping wins by KO... :32 2nd round

ttt for Elvis, cuz I like the guy.

The Count by KO Rd.2

Go Elvis!

I like Elvis and Respect the guy as a fighter but I don't think he has the skill set to compete with Bisping. You may say Bisping has not been tested and that is probably true but Elvis will provide Bisping a decent test and when Bisping destroys Elvis you will see he is the real deal

Elivs is not in Bisping's head, and Bisping is not in Elvis' head.

But come Sat I garuntee Bispings elbows, fists, knees, and foot will be in Elvis' head- repeatedly.

ttt for Elvis and the best post match victory interview with Rogan eva!!!


I can't see anyone getting into Bispings head to be honest, he's far too laid back and relaxed to get pulled into mindgames. I see a Bisping victory by stoppage, maybe in the first round.

Elvis seems cool, but seriously Bisping will hurt him, only one of the big boys can stop Bispings streak imo

Tough situation for Count Bisping. If he wins, he was supposed to against an older/with losing record veteran. If he loses, he is a TUF graduate without merit. Elvis is extremely underated.

"If he wins, he was supposed to against an older/with losing record veteran. If he loses, he is a TUF graduate without merit"

That's true for about 95% of the fights involving TUF fighters

remember ufc wants bisping to win, they are pretty sure he will beat elvis

i mean im new, but thats laughable^

Yes indeed, been hearing great things about the King.

And if there's anywhere Bisping is vulnerable, I think it's subs - wrestling too, but Elvis can very well do a Jeremy Horn here.