is exotic nights making a comback?

I dunno, but it seems to be from where I'm sitting. goddamn hot trannies. oh frens...

New HG meet spot?

"goddamn hot trannies" was this said in mid stroke?

I'm thinkin this I am. new ds head quarters. and by "head quarters" I mean head.

you should find out if those trannies are fully functional man.

I should, but it seems that my anti female personality even effects trannies.


EN=best C-class talent in town, plus not so crowded as 'Nu.

 LOL! FCTV can't hook up a tranny!!!!!! oh "Man" lol

hey if its Post Op then so what right?

right guys?


 Could it be the glasses FCTV?

 the glasses didn't seem to bother shim. :(

 ps. don't ask teh freitas about "shark toof"

^what a an amazing hip-hop-video-whorr body she had...but, oh-my-cod, it got scary when she smiled.

 let's call her "shredder". ;-)


thx for the info mmasupporter

makes note "gotta go exotic late. Beware the toof and trannys"

 don't fear the trannys. :)

 it would make you a trannist.

Dracula lived in Transylvania. he had sharp teeth.

tip me?tip me?

 bunch a coward faggot on this forum...


no wanto be man and admit ladyboys best girls in world frens.