?Is finger manipulation allowed?

Woke up today with swollen/sore knuckles on both hands
and realized it was from sparring the previous night. While sparring takedowns all this tard would do is grab my fingers then squeeze and twist them around like he was trying to break them. This tard never tried to grab the wrist, collar tie, shoot, sprawl or anything.

This morning I called the instructor and asked him if this was allowed and he said "yes"

I'm curious if this is acceptable or not at any other schools?

Four seems reasonable. But even when I would pull out all of my fingers except one, he would still be twisting on it for everything he was worth.

It sucks to have done on you, but it's very effective

there is a new guy in my one class, everytime he tries to pass the guard he puts both of his palms right on my nuts.

i told him this is a sport & to be a little more respectful to his team mates. he still does it so everytime i roll with him i rough him up as much as possible.

That finger manipulation crap is not allowed.... is it??? At least not at a respectful place, am I wrong or right? I think thats dirty.

*spits on ground*

I'm with toeism. The first time you do it, I will explain, the next time I will increase a level and the third time you will probably see me getting yelled at by an instructor, but it was worth it if the new guy is being an asshole. Teach them respect. 99% of our guys fight clean, but the new guys need to learn by experience.

Small joint manipulation is NOT ALLOWED in the IFC.

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Crazy, at all the respectable schools I've seen this kind of thing is not allowed. Just ask the guy to not do that. Most people need to be able to work the next day.

People that need to grab/bend/manipulate fingers in order to escape/defend themselves in class are people that have no skill. Leave that shit on the street.

The only time finger pulling should be allowed is when a loud burst of sound follows it................. :)


Opponent pulls finger, release defensive gas.

Is he jackin too?

My fingers are extremely "double-jointed"--I can bend them back straight against the back of my palms. One time a guy in class bent my pinky back in an effort to make me let go of his gi. I just smiled. He freaked. Never tried it again.

stampy you should of acted like he broke it. the look on his face would of been funny as hell.

i think that is the apes other big toe