Is George Bush whipping some ass?


Yamma Fight Card
Tuesday, April 08, 2008
Oleg Taktarov vs. Mark Kerr (Pictures)
Eric Esch (Pictures) vs. Pat Smith
Marcelo Pereira vs. TBA
Sherman Pendergarst vs. TBA
Ricco Rodriguez (Pictures) vs. TBA
Tony Sylvester vs. TBA
Chris Tuscherer vs. TBA
Travis Wiuff (Pictures) vs. TBA
Alexey Oleynik vs. TBA
George Bush (Pictures) vs. TBA

Bush is on his way, what's he 5-0 or something?...Just sucks to have to go through life with such a total douche bag corrupt name like that. He should have it changed.

I don't think he will, I saw him with a Lynard Skynard shirt on....

Don't be hatin on Skynyrd, sweet home alabama is probably their worst song.

 Bush, by nukyuler device!

ttt for the PRESIDENT