Is hand washing done backwards and wrong?

At least for taking a piss.

So I take a piss and then wash my hands?

My dick is easily the cleanest part of my body. I take a shower and clean up and then put fresh clean underwear on.

So unless I am peeing, my dick is covered by clean underwear and then clean pants all the time. Yet my fucking hands touch every nasty thing out there all day.

If you ask me we should be washing our nasty hands BEFORE we touch our nice clean dick, not after. Phone Post 3.0

"Clean underwear"


I work in a machine shop, so I wash my hands first. I'm only going back out to coat them in bacteria filled coolant again. I'll wash before and after though if I go poopies. Phone Post 3.0

Dick and ball sweat coating = dirty

Umm you are missing the part where you sometimes get splash back from pissing, you are also touching all sorts of shit in the bathroom that contains Pis/Shit/Semen/Herpes residue.

Clean yo hands fooooo

Get soap in your hand, piss all over it, lather, rinse with more piss, problem solved. Phone Post 3.0

Lol, i have been saying and doing this for years!!! I want my hand clean before touching my cock!!! Phone Post 3.0

I usually wash my hands while peeing.

Lol I always wash my hands before And after I piss. Just makes sense. Phone Post 3.0

Being uncut I'm very anal about my cock.

I have no fucking idea how I'd survive a couple hundred years ago. Smelly ass and fish-pussy all up in the air.


Chemists wash our hands before and after.

I always wash my hands before I piss. Sometimes I get weird looks from meat-gazers, but at least my cock is clean(ish).

Lmao!!! Phone Post 3.0

I wash when I get poop on my hands. Phone Post 3.0

this thread again?

penis being the cleanest?

was this done last year or two years ago? Phone Post 3.0

I never wash, that's why my immune system is so strong.

Rules! Pics of said uber clean penis?

Lot of you sound like sissies washing your hands 10 times a day Phone Post 3.0

Every time you fart, it shoots up the space in your underpants and lands right on your package.

You have shit dick and don't even know it.

I've been a "pre-washer" since childhood. Your points are right on OP.