Is Herb Dean working with Draft Kings?

Looks like he was determined to NOT let that fight go to the judges

Horrible stoppage.

Corruption just like Boxing

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I understand why fans are upset cause they think it’s a badge of honor to let him go the distance. That’s not herb’s job. That was a change your life amount of head damage and Sean showed no sign of letting up and all those combos at the end landing showed him that a lot more could be coming. That kid did not need any more seconds of brain damage

Sean O’Malley is 150lbs soaking wet. Those weren’t change your life punches.

Let this kid finish the fight.

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Herb Dean? More like Herb Deal (with Draftkings)


The other dude is just as little. If Sean hit another combo and cracked his skull with a head kick people would be wondering why they let him take this beating . Again I understand your point and how 99% of forum feels. I’m just saying Dean’s job does not involve giving someone hero status. He saw enough and if that’s with 4 minutes or 4 seconds to go that’s it. He was a punching bag of bloody meat after last combo .

There was no point in stopping it with so little time left. If you going to say it should have been stopped for fighter safety, then it should have been stopped a lot earlier.

Fair enough. I guess I just expect consistency within all UFC fights. I don’t think he should have special treatment for late replacement or UFC debut.

I’ve seen far worse one sided beatings in the Octagon