Is Hornswoggle underrated?

Little guy has made it in the WWE for 5 years now, much longer than anyone would assume his gimmick would last. Including outliving his groups he hung on to such as Finlay, DX, etc. I'd rate him pretty good for such limitations and character he has.

 I give the guy credit.

Making the most of his abilities for sure. Phone Post

He must be damn likable in the locker room to last this long. Phone Post

 I like Hornswaggle a lot!  He is entertaining. 

 I like to compare him to Eugene when Eugene was around years ago. He had a surprisingly lengthy stay in the WWE that was only ended because of backstage problems. Both these guys took what was given to them and made the best out of it. You couldn't have played a mentally challenged wrestler better than Eugene and you can't play a Irish mute midget better than Hornswoggle.

I think the fact he can talk now might be the beginning of the end of Hornswoggle. He was the best of the best for being a character that can't speak as with his facial expressions, mannerisms and grunts he pulled it off perfectly. If they have him talking now he will lose more than he will gain from this.

It's a positive they are changing his character a bit, but I don't think his appeal will last with him talking. Depends how they go with him but I think his long-term career is in serious jeopardy with this recent change in character.

Hornswoggle = mideon

Well, they can always do something something stupid to "take away his ability to speak" if they decide they don't like. "Santa" gave him the ability to speak?....may be worse than Katie Vick