Is Ignorance Bliss?

Im not too sure about this one. On the one hand the free thinking mind that i feel gifted to have enables me to apply myself extremely well when it comes to analyzing and interpreting the world (even if it is only my own definition). But i know (no other way to say this) quite a few happy stupid people. And I mean really happy.

Is it all relative? Does the great equation level it all out in the end (happiness)?

I would say it is relative, because though i am saddened by some of my conclusions about this existence, i couldnt be happier to be able to reach them.

Maddog, do you think that happiness is part of the great equation? I guess I think of happiness as statisfaction with our material world. All of the material world has a beginning and an end. What will happen when all of the things that they are happy about are gone? Will they still be happy? What are these people happy about?

"though i am saddened by some of my conclusions about this existence, i couldnt be happier to be able to reach them".
If these conclusions are so saddening why are you so "happy" when you realize them. I don't mean to attack you by saying this, I am just trying to understand the true meaning of happiness.

Have you ever looked at a cat or a dog just laying around doing nothing having no worries or concerns and said to yourself, God that dog has got it good. I wish I had it's life. Why do dogs have it so good? I think it is because they don't have minds constantly working and analyzing every detail of their whole entire lives.
It almost seems like the mind is clouding our vision and keeping us from realizing bliss. Does that mean that we should all try to be like dogs? I guess I kind of look at dogs and people like an evolutionary process, not only as a pyhsical transformation but also spiritual one. Should we take a step back to "no mind" and have ignorance. No. What needs to be done is we need to rise above the mind, to a point where it no longer controls us but we control it. To where we use it as a tool, only when needed.
Is Ignorance Bliss? No.
Having control over the mind and being at peace is Bliss.

Please tear this apart if you dont agree. I am interested in other peoples opinions on this way of thinking.

with much wisdom comes much sorrow IMO.

"If these conclusions are so saddening why are you so "happy" when you realize them"

Some of the realities of existence are saddening, but I would rather be aware of them and sad than be an ignorant fool unaware.

I don't want to get into a debate but i certainly don't think of dogs as mindless. in many ways i believe they have more soul than humans, but i digress.

The question i was really curious about is how happy people here are. Without asking the much deeper question (What is happiness?) I wanted people to analyze their lives and reflect on if they were happier before they thought more critically about certain questions. I think it is all relative because what we forget in more of our bias memories is that there were times we were quite unhappy at all stages of life.

People have just taken a watered down version of what Aristotle suggested by 'the good life'. The pursuit of education and knowledge allows for a truer appreciation of life and everything it can offer.

Fight Music, I agree completely. Actually while re-reading 1984 today i was reflecting on that.

Ignorance IS bliss. Nearly a year ago I moved to my present
apartment. At that time I decided I wasn't going to have a
phone or television. The only reason was in order to study for
school. I didn't want the distraction. Another factor in the
decision to abandon the TV was the simple fact it's
depressing as hell.

I keep in touch with friends all over the world, many non-
Americans. They seem to be better informed about whats
going on in the world rather than whats simply going on with
America, though America always seems to find it's way into
the equation in some form. We'd argue and argue about
who's doing what wrong. It would just piss me off to no end.
I'd watch as much news as I could and read the paper in
order to keep up with everything. I found myself stressing
about shit I had no control over anyway. Non-Americans
associate all Americans with the actions of our government,
and I'm sure we do the same to others.

I got sick of it. I got rid of my TV. I stopped reading the paper
except on Sundays. I started listening to talk radio a bit more.
In that aspect of my life I'm happier. Ignorance simply means
lacking knowledge. Although it's horrible what happens in
places such as Rwanda for example, what good does having
that knowledge do me?

Obviously total lack of knowledge has no benefit as well.

yeah I was much happier before I knew that my two best friends fucked the girl I was in love with. Ignorance was good at that point in time. mmm ignorance...


Yea, definitely not knowing that inormation woulda been

I was banging a girl for a while. She said she didn't wanna be
treated like an object and dumped me like a bad habit. I was
literally 50 feet out the door and she jumped in bed with a
female friend of mine. I kinda wish I was ignorant to that.

Ignorance is bliss so long as you never find out that you are/were ignorant, and the things that you are ignorant about don't come slamming into your life and you don't know what the hell to do...

If you go from birth to death in la-la land, and are never the wiser... I think that would be pretty blissful.

We can't all be in la-la land, and many who are eventually have reality drop on them at some point. So ignorance and bliss is very conditional - I take enlightened, if I can get it

I think ignorance is bliss, I'd take enlightenment too though. But it's a lot easier to be ignorant.

Ingorance is bliss.

Have you seen a mentally changlined child. He does not know that he could be popular with the ladies, or that he could do simple math if he was not metally handicaped, but s/he doesn't care. Give them a balloon, and they feel like a $Million dollars.

Happiness is about love, not about reason.

It is very important to think good things, because then you will provoke good feelings. It is not denying the sad facts of life, but knowing how to deal with them so you can face them.

What is empowering me to be more happy is the hability to learn how to be happy.