Is Incest common in the Hood/Ghetto?

If these guys are crazy and impulsive enough to kill each other on a daily basis, what’s to stop them from fucking their Sisters? Is this a common thing in the hood or am I way off base? Are the women in their family off limits? Or is it free for all fuck fest with family members? Thoughts?

There is a very high instance of child abuse in every form in the black communities but mexicans fuck more kids than anybody.


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This thought came to my mind driving home from work today. I wanted to share it with you

Ive heard the movie “Precious” is exactly how it is in ever black household in America. A very close Black friend told me.

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Brenda had a baby because her uncle was sexing her crazy.


I don’t know but I will never forget a comment made on one of Tommy Sotomayers channel. It was from a black guy and he said something like “many black boys first sexual experience was with a first or second cousin”… it got like 90 thumbs up and numerous others saying that it is very taboo to talk about but often true …

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As long as they’re consenting adults, it’s all good… uh, right? LOL


In that movie Precious: Based on the Novel “Push” by Saphire she was raped by her dad. That movie gave me a unique insight into gherto culture. So I’d have to say its very common unfortunately.

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My wife used to work at urban children psychology clinics in LA and ATL.

Basically every black girl has a story of being molested by a family member.
In the black community, it’s also not unusual for girls to lose their virginity at 11 or 12.
It’s not AS BAD in the Hispanic community, but they’re not too far behind generally.

Of course she worked with kids who had experienced trauma, but they were also conducting research and comparing these experiences against the general public.

Weirdest part of the whole thing is that blacks DO NOT talk about this shit. Only whites talk about molestation and inner-circle rape.
As a result, much of the black community believes child molestation is just a white people thing - because whites will air those stories out and have family members arrested.


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Rape is the being a rat is more than OK…

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Actually, what makes this a bit of an issue is the fact that - in the black community - there’s dudes that have loads. kids with different women so there’s the chance that some girl you meet can be a half sister/other relative you didn’t even know about. One of my good friends is a black dude from Dallas and he won’t mess with any black girls in Dallas b/c his grandad apparent has something like 34 children and his dad has about 11 that he knows of.

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Definitely not gay

I grew up in the projects. The only incest I saw was a white family but it was one for the books.
There was the dad. Who literally looked like the definition of a child molester. Balding, big glasses, 110 lbs soaking wet, and loved NASCAR. His wife who was at least 300+ Lbs and both from W. Virginia (you can’t make this shit up)
They had 3 children. The oldest was a boy, the middle daughter, who seemed the most normal. And the youngest, she was a total short bus kid.
The father a total monster molested the middle daughter when she was 7. He went to prison, she got taken to foster care (the mom knew but nothing happened to her).
About 7 yrs later the eldest son and his youngest sister start having sex. (Like father like son). The state gets involved, it was consensual , but they made the son move to a halfway house or something.
The brother/sister thing was late 90s. I was driving by last yr and they’re all still up there, except for the daughter who was molested. She apparently turned out ok. The youngest daughter has like 5 kids. Hoped not from her brother. I think she’s married.


God damn … i bet that house smelled fucked up

Have you ever noticed the weirder a house smells the weirder the … fuckery is?

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See what happens when you apply book smarts👍