Is Incest common in the Hood/Ghetto?

This is actually true. It had a musky peanut butter smell.

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Talk about it lovingly. White guys are the reason incest porn is the most popular porn category.

Before pornhub purged all the unverified accounts, I was seeing a shitload of black incest shit on the front page. I connect via vpn and there are no cookies or anything, so it was always just a mixed bag unrelated to my own browsing. I’m not into incest or stepmom shit either. There was always like 3 videos called “fucking my lil cousin” or “lil cousin sucking my dick” on there, all of them black. That’s when my radar perked up regarding this shit. Pretty funny, that white people get all the credit for shit like cousin fucking, “mass shootings” (by the textbook definition 90 percent black) and even child molesting (check the Megan’s law website and look at the mugshots sometime).

It’s not white people doing this shit despite what media would have you believe.


I jacked

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Of course you find a way to bring shootings and other nonsense into this. And no it’s not black guys watching incest porn, its white guys. Just like its white guys who made BBC and interracial porn popular because they get off on the racial complexes that they have. Deal was with it cave ape.

It USED to be on there but it’s not now. All the black incest got purged, but the white incest stuff wasnt. Lol. Yeah okay. The point isnt who is starring in videos because pretty much all of it is normal porn just called incest. The point is that its white guys who get turned on at the thought of incest, BBCs, cuckold and other freaky white boy shit.

Biggest and longest running pedophilia group is the catholic church. A bunch of “religious” white men who have been abusing young boys and covering it up for CENTURIES. So entrenched and accepted by them that the Vatican has spent untold millions of dollars to not only silence people but keep it going. You going to blame.that on the black priests and black Pope? Lol!

I’ll bet it perked you up you little weirdo freak. Funny how you see all this incest porn everywhere. I’m sure young werent searching for it at all. Strange that I dont see it on the front page like you claim. Oh wait, you said all the black incest stuff got deleted and purged. Yeah okay. :ok_hand:t2::smirk:

I’m not talking about the fake incest porn done by the big companies. That’s just some weird fetish shit that some people like I guess. I’m talking about the kind of vids that you see called “my lil cousin sucking my dick” and it’s a 17 second clip filmed vertically on a shitty phone. It’s clearly real, some black guy legitimately was getting blown by his cousin and uploaded it. And as I said, I’d only see these when I would load the front page with no cookies through a vpn so it was just a blank slate page not based on my history. As I said, these were all unverified pages that were removed (making it even more likely that it was real). But why u mad tho? That’s the real question.

Rates of sexual assault are crazy high among black people.

I just discovered something funny. I got curious if all of it got lost in the purge and it did not. There seems to be some kind of ban on incest so now they all use the term “step cousin”. Like anyone has actually ever referred to an actual person as their step cousin.

Point is, search the term “cousin” on pornhub if you are curious. Do it behind a VPN so you don’t get recommendations in the future. When you do this experiment, you will be amazed at the skin tone and production quality of the vids. Faceless amateur black people galore uploading “step cousin” videos. In the past, it was the same shit without the “step”. Or don’t search it and just deny it’s true for whatever reason if it just hurts too much.

I’m guessing that just about anything and everything considered to be deviant behavior is found in the ghettos. Why stop with just robbery, rape, and murder!

So now you’re trying to get me to watch incest porn like you do. Lol! No thanks.

You even know all the tricks to avoid getting busted. You sick fuck.

No more common than any other community. Daughter fucking/stepdaughter fucking & sister fucking occur in all communities and social strata. And cousin fucking isn’t even blinked at anymore.