Is it ever ok to date a sibling's ex?

I was listening to a radio show today and they were talking about how twin brothers had this issue.

The one twin dated a girl all through high school.

Then he went away to college and they broke up.

The other twin started dating the ex-gf and they didn’t tell the other twin for 6 months.

The first twin was p*ssed off but eventually just let it go but stated that he never wanted to be around the ex-gf and as long as she wasn’t around he’d be ok with seeing his brother.

Now a few years later the second twin and the ex-gf are getting married and the twin wants his brother to be the best man at the wedding.

The first twin is saying nope but his family is giving him grief about it and says he should do it.

I don’t think it’s ever a good idea to date a sibling’s ex.


Depends on the people. My great uncle was engaged to a gal a long time ago, he went off to war and so she married his brother. He went off and married another gal and everything was great.

Divorces and deaths later, my great uncle and the original girlfriend got married and lived happily all the days of their lives.

But neither one of them were drama queens and they got over things so they could have happy lives

This is probably very rare


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Friend of mine in high school dated a classmate for around 6 months. They eventually broke up.

A year or so later his older brother starts dating her and they eventually get married. The brother didn’t care.

I asked him if there’s any awkwardness around the situation and he just said, “we don’t talk about it.” My friend doesn’t give a shit at all, but I think the older brother prefers not to be reminded that his bro used to bang his wife.


A good friend of mine married a girl his twin brother had a one nighter with. They have been married 15 years, have a couple kids and a great marriage. I wouldnt be able to get over it though personally…


It is a bit white trashy.


A friend of mine had 2 kids with his wife. They were married for 5 years until one day he came home early to find his brother pounding her in the ass. The girl ended up getting pregnant by the brother that was railing her and my buddy served her divorce papers. She then ended up marring the brother, had 2 kids with him and now EVERYBODY is fucked up about it…

Don’t fucking do it! There’s plenty of pussy out there guys!


No. There is bro code. Especially your own family…no, just no.


I wouldn’t want to be in a situation like that, but I’d love to bang two sisters at the same time.

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it’s literally the BRO(ther) CODE


Bullshit. You cant get pregnant up the arse.


If you think that’s all they did or that was the “only time” they fucked… I’ve got a 55 gallon barrel of lube to sell you!



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…name your price


My brother dated a girl and when they broke up I had the opportunity to bang her.

I declined and said it just did not seem like something I should do.

She was really insistent about it and kept at me but I kept saying no.

She finally gave up and later told my brother that she tried really hard to bang me to get back at him.

My Brother told her wouldn’t have cared but later one time when we were together at Christmas and he had a few beers in him he told me that he really liked her and that it would have hurt a lot if I had done that so he thanked me for being a good brother.

Later though I was banging this other girl and it turned out were liked each other better as friends and stayed good friends instead. Well she decided she wanted to try and date my brother and he does and doesn’t say anything for 2 months and brings her to a family function.

He comes up to me and tells me that he thought it would be ok since she and I broke up and remained good friends and that he thought I would want them both to be happy so it would be ok.

I said that he’s my brother and I do want him to be happy and left it at that but inside I was kinda disappointed in him because he should have known that it would sting a little.

I never said anything to them about it and just never got too involved with them while they were together.

They lasted another two months when they broke up because she didn’t want to continue and my brother was heartbroken.

Like seriously heartbroken because he really liked her and I have to say that she was the last girlfriend he ever dated who wasn’t batsh*t crazy.

His ex later tells me that she probably only dated him to stay close to me and my family and that it was a mistake, something I also never told my brother because it would have crushed him more.


This is almost some jerry springer shit.


The women he went on to date and marry after this girl are the real Jerry Springer sheet.


It is okay, however, to nail an ex-wife’s sister. Mind you this isn’t dating it’s just a form of revenge sex but it’s generally considered to be okay. The ex’s sister (s) and close friends are fair game. It’s also advisable to let these gals know just how much better they are than their ex was at sex anyway


This has never crossed my mind …

Man that’d be weird. My brother is a prick so it’d be never ending shit talk if I tried to date one of his ex’s.

We have drastically different taste in women and I’ve only found his current wife even remotely a good person. I also find her pretty unattractive.

If he ever dated an ex of mine, I’d probably talk shit just enough to ruin their relationship. As much as I want him to be happy, if she’s not good enough for me, she’s likely not good enough for him.

Plus it’s just gross.

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I think it’s ok to nail the ex-wife’s sister if it’s your ex-wife and the marriage ended poorly. It might be ok if it’s your brother’s ex-wife’s sister and things ended poorly in their marriage too.

Also it’s always good to throw it out there at how much better their sister is than the ex.

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