Is it ever ok to date a sibling's ex?

That’s a no fly zone.

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What about your daughter’s lifelong friend who wants to fuck you, and is in her early 20’s now? Bang or pass?


Pics or gtfo

Answer is yes

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On one hand passing up on 20 year old pussy is a crime against humanity, on the other hand your daughter will make you pay dearly by stripper with daddy issues+.


Agreed. I don’t want a goth kid.

Also, lifelong friend would make her like family as well. You watched them both grow up. That’d be weird, imo.

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Hi hunter

Lol I’m surprised no one has mentioned hunter banging his “dead brothers” ex wife

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My dad met my mom by dating her older sister. They’ve been married 50 years.

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What would Hunter do?

50 years ago… don’t know if you ever asked but did your dad bang your aunt or did they just grab a shake at the diner after school?

No offence … just curious as that definitely changes things

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I’ll take what is smoke Crack Naked with his niece For $500


None taken. I wondered the same but never asked. He dated the sister when they were a bit younger. My dad was 30 when he married my mom, she was 22.

I dont have a sibling but when I was 20 my girlfriend was asking me my fantasies and I said I fantasized about having a threesome with her and her little sister, she got so fuckin pissed I’ve never even told my wife I want to bang her sisters as a result.

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