Is it ever ok to date a sibling's ex?

That’s a “no” from experience of saying “yes” if I’ve ever seen one.

Nope, I just think there are way too many fish in the sea to justify the sibling thing

I wouldn’t date my brother’s ex. I’d ask him if he’d like me to turn her out and toss her ass to the curb though.

I also wouldn’t have a problem if my brother dated an ex of mine. Whether or not they are happy or miserable, I could say either “You know I’m the one who taught her how to act right?” or “I told you so, motherfucker! HAHA! The next round’s on you.”

Thanksgiving would be awkward, but the screenplay would rival National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

I agree. My daughter would lose all respect for me but dat ass doh. Ooof


I thought about doing it under the agreement that my daughter and anyone else we know can never ever find out. But we all know how that goes

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How hot are we talkin here? Like hot because she is pretty and half your age, or like hot hot?

I’d say pretty and half my age with a perfect ass and titties. Not a dime but hot none the less

Get it in writing and post pics

“But you promised WTF”

This will not end well. Chicks are crazy. 20 somethings are even crazier

This will come out eventually and yoh will be accused of “grooming” her because she’s your daughters friend.

Your daughter will hate you if she finds out and if she doesn’t there will always be a secret between you 2.

And you’ll always be afraid she will find out.

& It could happen at any moment

Better to find a hot young girl she doesn’t know… and there are tons out there just like this one that wants to duck an older guy

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Yeah not going to happen but always good to consult my OG brethren on items such as these haha.
My daughter relies on me and always says I’m her rock(her mom is a complete and utter imbecile)so if I did that she would have 2 shitty parents

I tried.

Keep in mind I have no children so my opinion shouldnt mean all that much.