Is it going to be Kimbo-Rogers or Kimbo- Shamrock?

 I'm not a huge fan of Slice, but I thought that a Kimbo Slice Brett Rogers fight would give him some legitimacy.  Rogers isn't the best heavyweight out there, but at least he's a real MMA fighter and not a can.  Shamrock would get knocked out the same way Tank did, but imagine if Shamrock won.  He would have a "slice like" career again with the EliteXC. 

I can't imagine Shamrock getting beaten by Slice. I understand he is old and past it but I have to believe he still has it in him to beat Kimbo. I really didn't see much in Rogers that would have made him a huge win for anyone either. Kimbo-Rogers is a good fight though. I see them as both about equal.

if they want to make money this is a no brainer

Shamrock just lost in cage rage to a guy just like Kimbo just probably not as good.Ken would probably bang with him, and almost certainly get KO'd within seconds.Rogers would probably smash Kimbo.I'm guessing they go with Ken.

Ken can't take a punch anymore, he gets fuzzy from almost any decent shot.. that has been the pattern for a few years... anyone that can connect with Ken can stun him and get a stoppage.

This is from a big fan and former student. Ken has been cleanly and decicively beaten by a number of fighters who simply shouldn't be able to, and embarrassed by a few fighters that should have been very competitive fights.

On second thought I suppose you guys are right. Ken could take him to the ground and sub him quick but I don't think he would. He probably would get beaten on his feet.

 I don't think the Sean Gannon fights happening, at least according to Jared Shaw, vp of EliteXC.  I read the Bret Rogers interview(its on the same site) and Rogers said that he was working on his subs and that for sure that night "Mr. I don't tap" was going to tap.  It's a little funny since Rogers has like 7 ko's and 1 sub which was due to strikes. 

At least Rogers knows his place, as he said he's at least a couple fights away from even coming close to Silva(obviously this was before Silva was suspended. ) 

I dont want to see Ken get KTFO again. That said, I think a Kimbo vs Shamrock main event would do very well for EliteXC

I think they're going to go with Shamrock. They need a big number, and people know who Ken Shamrock is, even if they don't watch MMA.

Actually, it's not the first nike endorsement deal in MMA history, there are japanese fighters who have nike endorsement deals.

ken for sure. cause he will take one for the team. wink wink. kimbo by uppercut that misses by five feet.

oh and also even though i hate the fable they call kimbo and all hype no fight exc, it beats the hell outta retarded ass rasslin threads every other thread.

The discussion should be about who should be matched up against Rogers, if that's EliteXC's best HW.

I don't know why people are buying into this.

Frankly, matching him against Kevin Ferguson is beneath him. He's pretty much ready for some legit fighters now. I say Rogers vs. Brad Imes as his next match up.

If the consensus from fans is loud and clear that this "Kimbo Slice" as a main event nonsense is stupid, they will stop trying to market it.

Did you forget about Peewee?

Yes. :(

He's too good for Rogers right now, imo. Let Rogers develop, which he won't do if he's fighting cans like Ferguson.

 hopefully ken would use his head and win with wrestling

They can't match Ferguson against a senior citizen, get real. And Severn would probably beat him, at which point he could never be put forward as a serious fighter again. The gravy train would be derailed.

All those guys have ground games.

Kimbo is not fighting Brett Rogers anytime soon and by anytime soon I mean not until Brett Rogers suffers back to back KO losses.

Bring in Kimo, Cabbage, or Ken Shamrock

Then his next match will be against Rogers is Rogers wins. Have Rogers fight on the same card the same night.