Is it impossible to beat your genetics?

I haul ass in the gym. Been boxing since 14. Great program. I just didn’t win the genetic lottery, I got that dough like Paul Buentello/Tim Sylvia body. As Louie CK said once, “I look like lumpy oatmeal, there’s muscles surrounded by softness”.
Anyway to beat the genes?

No. You cannot go above your genetic ceiling.


Drugs may help but you are what you are for the most part.
That shouldn’t stop you from being the best you possibly can.

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What’s your height/weight?

Sounds like you need to combine 20th century weight loss gimmicks with 21st century weight loss gimmicks. Like this, just drink this and don’t eat anything else for like a month and I’m sure you will look like Yoel Romero in no time.



I’m basically the same almost to the letter as Josh Barnett. 6’3, slightly broader shoulders, around 230. I can get as low as 210 but I look like I just escaped Auschwitz and I have to eat virtually a 1000 cal/day to stay there.
I’m an odd mix of my father and grandfather. My dad was 6’8 and was 280 lbs of badass. No definition, but could toss you across the room. My grandfather was 5’6 tops. But was a tree trunk. Ultra broad shoulders and barrel chest.
Idk if definition is in the cards for me.

Lol. Literally in my cabinet. Gives me the shits.


Yeah you’d probably have to start lifting a few times a week & dial in your diet /macros. But I’m just 1 month from that dialed in you’d probably see a big difference.

In your cabinet… that is hilarious.

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Stronger than ex lax

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It is impossible. I havent lifted a weight in over 10 years and people still come up to me in parking lots and ask me how much Im benching.

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Listen, Im also 5’7", so count your blessings, faggot!


I beat my genetics every single day. Both hands sometimes

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I know skinny fat dudes that got jacked from steroids and sarms. But not worth it since steroids literally kill you or worse make you a pathetic sack of unhealthy shit in old age when you can’t use them anymore

Can a Toyota ever become a Ferrari?

Can a poodle ever become a Pitbull?

You’re eating too much mate

Most people with your problem simply don’t know enough about nutrition. It’s not only about how much calories you eat, and when it comes to losing fat all the workouts you do are useless without the right nutrition.

If that’s not it, get your testosterone levels checked.


No I don’t think so … I’ve been working out since my teens. My genetics are a little above average for putting on muscle and adding strength but I lack cardio and getting lean is an absolute son of a bitch. Can I get a six pack? Uhh I can get a 4 pack BUT it takes a very dedicated dieting program and I end up losing strength and size . Oh and my energy levels tend to suck when I’m this dieting program too so it’s not sustainable

Genetics are so important when it comes to how you look… I’d say it’s a good 60% of the battle…

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