Is it impossible to beat your genetics?

Sure genetics are a big factor. But if you loose a massive amount of muscle while dieting your deficit is too big, or your protein intake is too low.

Steroids can help big time for some people with bad genetics. Then you have others that don’t even respond well to steroids and an example is Josh Barnett… I mean, he’s a very dedicated athlete that looks like shit and steroids didn’t help much . I have a few friends like him that were just cursed with bad genetics in the physique department

Not a massive amount of muscle but I do lose some and strength dips too. I don’t like it just to be leaner

Well then there is another option.
Simply gain enough muscle mass in your upper body to a point where your belly looks small(er).
It’s definitly more fun, and you seem to be the body type that will achive this easier

The fact that you are 6’3" means you have a massive advantage over most. Short men can never grow. There are certain limitations for sure based on genetics and your age when it comes to athletic ability. You still are taller than most and it can be used as an advantage.

Right now my diet is 2 meals a day. Usually 8oz of chicken around noon. And tonight was 8oz tuna steak and asparagus. I did also have a couple truly seltzers. But for the most part it’s a pretty clean diet.

You should be eating way more than that if you want to maintain or build some muscle. Especially for your size.

Dough is from diet. There’s no flour gene. I’m calling bullshit on consistently clean.

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Age is also impossible to overcome

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yes you can. to get out of the skinny fat zone is not to work your ass in the gym for an hour a day whatever many times a week. you shouldnt try looosing weight either. work out for 5-15 minutes a day as many times you can in a week and JUST focus on getting stronger. / end thread. take creatine too // end u owe me a sloppy second

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This is way too little for you. You should have at least 4 protein rich meals, and cutting out carbs completely is also too drastic. At least get some white rice
Dont know how long you are doing this, but you should plan weeks, not days for getting shredded. And if that’s all you are eating while doing it then yes, you are losing way too much muscle. At least 1g protein per pound bodyweight, and add some fat and a littlebBit of carbs. Your caloric deficit shouldn’t be much higher than 500, that should lose about 1 pound fat a week. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

Weeks? The average person is 6 months to a year from being shredded and that’s precisely why they’ll never do it. If it was accomplished in weeks then your starting point was much, much better than average. It’s pretty tough to eat clean for a solid year. I have zero desire to do that.

I think most people have average genetics where you can improve your physique a lot through good nutrition and knowing how to train properly. Not many people could be built like 2010 Overeem no matter how much gear they take. So many people have no clue about nutrition, older people still do that a protein the size of your palm diet or exclusively eat really boring food and not enough of it in a way that isn’t sustainable. At 6’3 you’d need to be eating 3,000+ calories a day, that’s a lot of brocolli and chicken breast, I couldn’t do it for long