Is it Joe Biden’s job to protect you?

LOL at the brittle old douche protecting anyone.

it’s his job to protect our rights and freedom.

So far he has done fuck all to do so

Ask Joe’s grand daughter how well he protected her from her crackhead uncle. Doesn’t seem to be Joe’s strong suit.

It also seems like a appropriate day to follow up on Hunter’s federal firearms investigation. It doesn’t seem like China Joe’s family has to follow current gun laws so pretty ironic he is trying to force more on law abiding citizens. If you voted for this old pedo, please do us all a favor and drive off a very tall bridge.

Liberal loser cucks who have no success in life blame it on big daddy gov’t. They also expect big daddy gov’t to fix all their problems. This is why no one respects them. It’s like they aren’t even real men. Maybe that’s why they invent genders…

It’s the Government’s job to protect our constitutional rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

poontang pie