Is it me or is Bruce Buffer

I liked the way he skipped out of the cage backwards after finishing the announcing for Florian/Gomi.


Loved Hardy playing up to Buffer. Best thing Hardy did Sat.

He is on a roll lately, no doubt. I love his over the top twists and screams. And yep, the 360 was CLASSIC.

I loveeeed the crazy Pride lady and crazy Japenese co-host too. I guess I love entertainment even in the presentations of the fighters!

I bet Micheal asks for tips from Bruce now. Bruce has far surpassed any ring announcer ever.

 man his brother may have been there first but buffer took the cake ....i told my girl last night there are 5 people i would like to meet in this building




Eddie Bravo

renzo gracie!

(she wanted to meet  Dan Hardy)

Does anyone know if there is a Tshirt of Bruce???....i swear i would buy one ! im not kidding.

me and the crew of people i watch UFC with we all love him

 Yes,there are Buffer 360 hope shirts.I can`t remember who sells them. 

You can also find Bruce Buffer 180 shirts.Just google Buffer 180 shirts.They are made by Silver Star I believe.

 I like Bruce (more than his brother for sure) but I still like the more subdued take that Jimmy Lennon Jr. does.   And I've always loved Rich "G Man" Goins too.

donkypunch55 - Yeah, it's you.

i'd rather chew broken glass than listen to Buffers shitty voice.

the enthusiasm is there but he sounds like some shrieking harpy...


RedCoat - Did you know that Bruce is the half brother of world famous boxing announcer Michael Buffer?


 OMG you're so gonna get sued!!!

If by loud and awesome you mean shitty and gay, then yes. He is extra loud and awesome.

NJstileNJ - extra fucking loud and awesome tonight

Its just you.
Buffer's loudness and awesomeness is always dialed to 11.

Buffer is one of my favorite parts of the UFC production. It simply wouldn't be the same without him.

Check out this video of the Silver Star Buffer T-Shirt meeting:

Hello All:

As always, your posts are much appreciated.

The UFC production team is the best I've ever worked with and everyone gives 100% to make it the great event it is... I love what I do and when and if that passion ever fades away, then I will step out of the Octagon.

Thank you for your support to me and the UFC and I look forward to seeing you from the Octagon for many years to come.


Bruce Buffer

P.S. - My signature "VOTO" Silver Star will be out this month and it looks awesome... hope you like it!

Whats up bruce...seriously you were fuckin souped last was insanely awesome...THANK YOU

and i will be buying a shirt

he's funny, like goldie funny

Bruce you a beast!!!! like i said before you could be telling me im about to get raped by wild silverbacks and if you  do it like you announce shit on the octagon i would be exited as fuck to be raped.

im buying your shirt fo shizzle!!