Is it moral to...

Let's, for the sake of this argument, assume that morality isnt subjective and that there is a universal doctrine of morality. My question is, is it moral to force these views on someone else? Or is it immoral to make someone else do something?

I suppose this question would lead to 'are there degrees, ranks almost, of morality where one act supercedes another, and thus is the determining factor?

Uh, this one is too easy. I hope you don't really mean it the way you wrote it.

1) Suppose that there are universal moral truths.

2) Is X moral? (x in this case = forcing views on someone else)

I dunno, what does it say in the universal moral truths? Duh.

I think your real question is: if there are universal moral truths, how will we know what they are? That's a totally different, and tricky question. Welcome to Ethical Epistemology.


Wow, are you always like this? Thanks for replying, but condescension is not an impressive trait in an adult, imho.

Sorry bro, it wasn't meant that way.

A lot of people post "joke questions" and I thought yours might have been one. See thread "What's Wrong With Contradicting..."

If you meant the question that I read into your post, it's actually a very good one. Books upon books have been written on it. I really mean it: Welcome to the hard part. Ethical Epistemology is one of the toughest parts of ethics to argue well.

So let's get into it: How WOULD we know what things are right and wrong, even if we agree there is some fact to the matter?


Well, it's my personal belief that there can be no absolute morality without the existence of a higher power, some being whose voice means more. However, I further believe that open and honest pursuit of knowledge results in generally the same conclusions about major moral issues like rape and murder, and thus a standard of morality can be agreed upon by the educated.

However, in light of the fact that, while I believe in God, my claim that He exists means no more in a debate than someone's claim He doesnt, morality rests ultimately upon opinion, and is therefore subjective, imho. Thus, my basic rule of life is "do what you want so long as it doesnt infringe upon the freedoms of others." Thus, to me, forcing someone to follow my moral beliefs would immoral. Forcing them to follow them could arguably be justified, however, but thats another issue entirely