is it ok to cash out right now????

anybody cashed out within the last week or so??? i got a few hundred bux on that stupid full tilt site that i would like to pull out. had heard about checks bouncing and was just wondering if any1 has cashed out lately?? nhbmike?? pr?? bueller?? any1??

I cashed out a check on FT last week. I went to do the bank transfer but they said there would be a delay. When I requested the check it went right through.

Yeah I cashed out, but Im Canadian.

thx alot i gave full tilt a legit effort bc of rakeback, but i just dont like it.

yeah i got bad checks from tilt and stars this month but they both game me bonuses for my trouble and i have got replacment checks from both sites. all indications from 2+2 seem that it's back to business as usual but the days of getting your check in four days are over.