Is it ok

is it ok if i call u mine?
just for a time
and i will be just fine
if i know that you know
that i'm wanting, needing your love, oh

if i ask of you, is it alright?
if i ask you to hold me tight
through a cold dark night,
cause there maybe a cloudy day in sight
and i need to let you know
that i might be needing you love,oh

and what im trying to say isn't really new...
it's just the things that happen to me
when im reminded of you

like when i hear your name
or see a place that you've been
or see a picture of your grin
or pass a house that you've been in
one time or another

it sets of something in me
i cant explain
oh, i cant wait to see you again
oh babe i love your love, oh

Maccrane Paul Lyrics


Let´s say you have a good place in my heart, Bludh. ;-)